About Smoke Stack

The Smoke Stack is one of the best places in Northern Rhode Island to enjoy your choice of cigar in one of our comfortable smoking areas. Conveniently located in the heart of Centredale, we offer a selection of over 150 different cigars for all palates and people from all walks of life along with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Our newly renovated sitting area gives our guests the chance to sit and relax with other smokers, enjoy our 75-inch TV, or speak to any of our knowledgeable staff. It’s also the perfect space for special events such as cigar dinners, paint and wine nights, cigar tastings, scotch tastings, friendly games of poker or gin rummy, and NFL Sunday game specials.

Our Great Atmosphere

What sets The Smoke Stack apart from other cigar shops and lounges in the Providence area is our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Simply put, we want to make sure that you are comfortable in our space, and we have taken the time to give our smoking areas the kind of warm atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying a cigar with other smokers. We also have an outdoor seating area if you would like to get some fresh air and sunlight while you sample one of our many cigars.

Great Service and Environment

There are few finer things in life than a good cigar, and we would like nothing more than to give you the chance to enjoy one yourself in a warm and relaxing environment. Whether you want to check out our 75-inch TV for a Sunday football game or you just want to sample some of our products, The Smoke Stack is dedicated to providing all of our customers with a positive experience and show them that we have one of the best selections of fine cigars available in Northern Rhode Island. Many of our staff members are cigar smokers themselves; not only do they know what makes a good cigar, but they know the kind of place where they are best enjoyed. If you’re looking for any recommendations for great cigars, don’t hesitate to ask.


My Father
Mr. Brownstone
Oscar Valladares
AJ Fernandez
Romeo y Julieta
Drew Estate
Southern Draw
Alec Bradley